Family Dinners at Bonobo!

With a full hostel what is better than a family dinner?!  For many of us we have been away from home for a long while, so there is nothing like a home cooked meal.  There is especially nothing like a fresh burger off the BBQ... or as the Kiwis and Aussies would say, the barbie (mind the pronouniation with no ´r´).  We were delightfully efficient handing everyone a task to get dinner on the table.  Shout out to our Burger Master, Lloyd, Side-kick Burgermaster, James, Master Chopper, Muzzie, Master Dishwashers, Mads and Hannah, Guacamole Queen, Hanna, Potatoe Master, Kyle, and cheers to the rest of the Master Eaters!   We could not ask for a more lovely time eating with a new family, until next time!

Burger Master:

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