Waking up earling in Puerto Escondido

Imagine waking up to this view everyday.  Waking up early in

Puerto Escondido is waking up to a buffet of ocean, sunshine and pura vida.  While you might think you want eggs and toast for breakfast, here we like surfing sunny side up and toasty sand.  Or you might like some orange juice and coffee, but here we like big blue waves and cotton candy sunrises.  We pass out in our board shorts and bikinis, ready to roll out of bed and hit the beach! You might think you might need a siesta after a day surfing, but at this hostel, the best surf hostel in Puerto Escondido, you come home to a family of travlers ready to actually buffet, before a fun night out.  So my friends, come to Puerto Escondido the home of world class surfing, come to Bonobo Surf House and wake up for a real breakfast.  Pura Vida.

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