How does Bonobo Bonfire?

Hey there future Bonoboians!   What did you do today..?  Spend the day in the ocean catching waves, in this world class surf capital, Puerto Escondido?  Did you work on your tan? Maybe get a little burnt? Did you spend too much money on silly souvenirs that are going to break or lose before you give them to your friends and family?  Did you day drink on the beach in Zicatela while watching all the hot surfer babes catch waves?  Play some volleyball?  Well take a look below.. here's how we wind down our day...

Here at Bonobo, we go with the flow.  We like to be spontaneous, who doesn't when you live next to the best beaches in Mexico, Carizallio, Corale, Manzanillo, Angelito, Zicatela... ALL beautiful.  So this day, we chose to wind down with a South African BBQ on the beach (I mean when we have a South African yachty chef in da house, of course!) and a few, maybe several cocktails.  In Puerto, surf brings people together by day, food and drinks by night, BUT there is nothing like good company and smiles all day.  THANK YOU for the amazing community of travelers we have here at Bonobo Hostel, the BEST hostel in Puerto Escondido, where you come to have a good time, all the time. GET A ROOM.

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