Bonobo Beach Bums

Beach bum much?  Well we literally beach BUM (look at that bum).  There's so many reasons we all come to Puerto Escondido.  Some of us are backpackers traveling all the way down to South America.  Some are pro surfers, amateur surfers, beginning surfers coming to chase world class waves everyday.  Some of us quit our jobs seeking a more tranquil life, full of more than a daily 9-5.  Many of us are on holiday just looking for lazy days and crazy nights.  No matter what your seeking, with some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, we all are beach bums here at Bonobo.

So whether you have your boardies on or.. maybe off, nothing like putting your bum on the sand on the beautiful Puerto Escondido beaches after the best surf.  What else do you have better to do?? Maybe fish tacos at La Punta, but nothing much more. Bonoboians knows how to beach bum all day. Come GET A ROOM at Bonobo, we'll take you to the beach, dig our toes in the sand, and of course our bums too.

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