Bonobo's healthy Family!



We have never been so healthy since the moment we stepped into Bonobo's world!


Of course, if you are really decided not to do any kind of exercise,

you can always spend your day reading by the pool or the beach,

"working really hard" on your tan,

but you will  quickly get "infected" by the fitness contagion in here!


Between the surfing, the running by the coast line, and the gym classes

(we love Mike's Fitness space!!!) AND the fruit we eat every morning,

how can you not become the fittest version of yourself!?


This Wednesday, the bonobo family went to the "street workout"

at Mike's Fitness and probably sweated as many litters of water as calories...

But god, don't we look like badasses on this pic!! ;)


PUERTO ESCONDIDO is the best place to stay fit while you travel!

Try something new, this little sporty surf town has a lot to offer.


CONTACT US for any questions!

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