behind the scene

bonobo surf house

our volunteers

The Bonobo Surfhouse was created by the help of young travelers from all over the world!

A lot of hard work, laughings, painting and shelves and a great time are the roots of this protect.

Our volunteers

from the beginning till now

Thank you guys, thank you!

• the Brothers Harun and Hasi from Malaysia

  (thank you guys for the great Curry!)

• Hollie and Ellie from United Kingdom

• Patrick from Australia

• Sarah from Germany

• Ross from North America

• Malin from Germany

• Alba from Spain

• Kayya from UK

• Gloria from Austria

• Sabrina from Canada

• Rodrigo from Mexiko

• Pedro from Mexiko

• Elizabeth from Germany

• Jack from Australia

• Idjka from Poland

• Rosario from Argentina

• Alfonso from Chile

• Jordy and Jared from Australia

• Masao from Japan

• Dario from Venezuela