bonobo best hostel · 05. November 2018
We love Pepe and his amazing Fish and Shrimps Taco! Classic or with pineapple and Coconut, it's not just about the food why Pepe's Place is so awesome! It's a very small, cozy restaurant at la punta with a lot of heart. The bonobo family visits pepe at least once a week. We are happy to take you out for some tacos and cold beers!
bonobo best hostel · 05. July 2018
Close to Bonobo Surf House you can release baby sea turtles.
bonobo best hostel · 31. May 2018
Last Tuesday we had a barbecue with friends and neighbors.
bonobo best hostel · 27. May 2018
This beautiful beach we like to call our backyard!
06. May 2018
Most of us have one important goal when we arrive in Bonobo, we all want to become part of the cool surfer community!
04. May 2018
Once a month Team Bonobo organised a family dinner with YUMMY food for the guests of the house!
03. May 2018
Being on holiday might not always be associated with keeping fit... but hanging out with great healthy people can easily make you change your mind!
02. May 2018
Wether you are a salsa expert or not, those salsa night are always epic!
Bonobo beaches · 01. May 2018
Just a few minutes away from Bonobo Surf House, you can get one of the most beautiful nature experience!
03. December 2017
And another Bonobo family day! Besides good waves, great nightlife, delicious Mexican food, and beautiful beaches, Puerto Escondido offers you a lot of other things to do. The Bonobo team loves trying new different things. For example the other day we went for horse riding with our lovely guests. So we just put our sporty clothes and sneakers on, and went to the jungle. Some of us has already done it before, some of us never, but all of us enjoyed it SOOO much. So whats next? Snorkeling, a nice...

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