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bonobo best hostel · 05. November 2018
We love Pepe and his amazing Fish and Shrimps Taco! Classic or with pineapple and Coconut, it's not just about the food why Pepe's Place is so awesome! It's a very small, cozy restaurant at la punta with a lot of heart. The bonobo family visits pepe at least once a week. We are happy to take you out for some tacos and cold beers!
bonobo best hostel · 05. July 2018
Close to Bonobo Surf House you can release baby sea turtles.
bonobo best hostel · 27. May 2018
This beautiful beach we like to call our backyard!
15. November 2017
All the ladies! Come on over! Who doesn't love free drinks? I mean ladies, who doesn't love some free drinks?? Every Thursday, one of the best things to do at night in Puerto Escondido, is Ladies Night at Kabbalah. We have a few pre drinks at Bonobo Surfhouse on our beautiful rooftop and we head on over to Kabbalah for some dancing and some FREE DRINKS! At Bonobo, we know all the hot spots to go.
bonobo best hostel · 02. November 2017
Bonobo Volleyball afternoon - get together
bonobo best hostel · 31. October 2017
Bonobo Surf House is happy to give you the good news that from the 8th of november on we gonna have breakfast at the rooftop with 180 Degrees Oceanview! Enjoy our new spot, maybe the best spot in puerto escondido to have breakfast. Fresh fruit juices, hot coffee, toast, butter and marmalade, vegetables and fruits and every day something different - fried eggs, hotcakes, porridge.. are waiting for you! Included in your nightly price. Don´t forget to make your reservation BOOK HERE #oceanview...
23. October 2017
We all know we go a bit harder Thursday through Saturday. So there is nothing like a quiet (maybe a bit rowdy) movie night on the rooftop. We hang our sheets on the linen line and play a movie with the projector. Whether you a had a big night out in Puerto Escondido at the best bars, or hitting bangin waves in Zicatela or of course hanging out at the best hostel with a pool in Puerto Escondido, Bonobo Surfhouse... come join us for movie night! Get a room!
bonobo best hostel · 22. October 2017
Theres nothing like a fresh cup of coffee or tea when you wake up. Not to mention the fresh banana bread made in house! With a day of surfing, sun bathing, scooter touring, or just swimming - caffeine and carbs are necessary. At Bonobo Hostel we love gathering around the table in the morning, with a good spotify list, smelling the morning dew, and bantering until the coffee is out. At the best hostel here in Puerto Escondido, we only charge a smile for your cream and sugar. So if you are...
bonobo best hostel · 21. October 2017
Let´s get random! Actually, let´s just do whatever we feel like. This is what Puerto Escondido is all about, Pura Vida, waking up everyday to no plan, except sun, surf, and spending time with our brothers at the best hostel.. Bonobo Surfhouse! Last night, we had an impromptu yoga session on the roof. We got felxible with our yogi´s in the house! Thanks ladies! It´s really nice being at an amazing hostel in Puerto Escondido where everyone has something to bring to the table, stories to...
bonobo best hostel · 17. October 2017
Bonobo loves its Staff! Thank you to all those great people who worked with us, laughed with us, created this place with us and builded up kind of a family during their stay at our house!. Bonobo is the best place in because we work together with the biggest smileys! We want to present you our actual team - say hello to the bonobo family!

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