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bonobo best hostel · 05. July 2018
Close to Bonobo Surf House you can release baby sea turtles.
bonobo best hostel · 31. May 2018
Last Tuesday we had a barbecue with friends and neighbors.
bonobo best hostel · 17. October 2017
Bonobo loves its Staff! Thank you to all those great people who worked with us, laughed with us, created this place with us and builded up kind of a family during their stay at our house!. Bonobo is the best place in because we work together with the biggest smileys! We want to present you our actual team - say hello to the bonobo family!
bonobo best hostel · 15. October 2017
Yesterday we said goodbye to a lot of longer term guests. People that booked 1-2 nights and ended up staying 2 weeks. So ,it has been super busy, fully booked every night, and never a dull moment. Between the Sarcastic Kiwis, Sh*t Talking Aussies, Some Melo-dramatic Yanks, not to mention all of our other incredible guests from other countries, the past few weeks have been non stop. Backpacking life is AMAZING, but it is not for everyone.. Whilst you meet new people every day, not everyone is...
Bonobo beaches · 12. October 2017
Bonobo surf house is located super close to some of the best swimming beaches.