La Rinconada

Bonobo Surfhouse is located in the Rinconada quarter, a peaceful, safe retreat from the stifling town centre and the hectic promenade at Zicatela.


Rinconada is set at the top of the path which takes you down to Playa Carrizalillo.

Wander down the stone steps on top of the cliff to a cozy bay with beautiful sunbathing spots and gentle waves. With bars/restaurants, sunloungers and surfing schools (surf, surf surf) perfectly situated, this is the perfect spot for a day of nursing a hangover wholesomely, or just a great space to chill out. The best bit about Carrizalillo? It's a five minute walk from Bonobo Surf House!


Rinconada is five minutes from the local airport, a ten minute walk from the town centre,

a 30 peso ride to the nightlife of Zicatela and a 40 peso taxi to one of the most famous surfspots in the region, La Punta.


The boulevard of Rinconada itself has an incredible selection of cafes and restaurants.

Choose from cheap fish tacos, stone-baked pizzas, sushi or falafel - Rinconada is an area of Puerto Escondido which caters to everyone.

A morning person? Grab a freshly ground coffee or try a slice of homemade cheesecake to satisfy that sweet tooth craving at the restaurant Cafecito and go for a walk, la Rinconada is beautiful!


There's also all the local amenities you would expect from such a chilled neighbourhood. Rent a moped for the day, drop your dirty clothes off at the launderette and stock up on food supplies and cold beer at the local market.

For these and thousands more reasons, we love to live here and we are sure that you will too.

puerto center

If you've ever experienced the hustle and bustle of a busy Mexican town centre, then Puerto Escondido will come as no shock to you. Get your fresh fruit and veg from the local food market, weave your way through the street food vendors and stock up on the any-and-everything you can find on your normal Mexican high street. 


If you've never experienced a genuine Mexican local town centre then get ready for the bedlam!

But trust us, Puerto Escondido's is a sight to behold!

Playa Zicatela

Playa Zicatela, or just 'Zica' to the locals, is the large stretch of beach across the main bay of Puerto Escondido. By day, enjoy wandering down the promenade, relaxing at the numerous restaurants/bars serving delicious, local, seafood, and browsing the array of gift and beachwear shops.


By night though, get your dancing shoes on because Zicatela is the place to eat, drink and be merry!

A half mile of bars, restaurants and clubs catering to all tastes and ages. Opt for a quiet glass or wine and tacos at one of the laid back restaurants, or party hard on the dancefloor, Mezcal in hand, until 5am. 


Zicatela is famous for its huge and massive beach break, surfers from all over the world come here to challenge themselves.


Zicatela is the home of the WSL BIG WAVE CHALLENGE!

Between may and june you can see waves between 10-15 meters!

click here to see the pictures of last year!


La Punta

The Point of La Punta has a lefthand beachbreak. It is known as the Hippie Place of Puerto Escondido and is the favourite Surfspot for most of the Surfers. It is also a very good surfspot for beginners. You can find nice restaurants and bars along  the small and beautiful village and it is not that touristic as Playa Zicatela.