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Playa zicatela

The heaviest beach break of the world, 

the most beautiful tubes,

perfect conditions all summer long,

Zicatela is the queen!

(la capital de los huevos)


Without a doubt, Zicatela, about 100 meters wide and four kilometers long, is among the top ten surfing spots in the world. 

La punta

A very loved Pointbreak with perfect left ones!

The beach is known as the Hippie place of Puerto Escondido with nice coffeeshops and bars to enjoy the famous sunset!



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the most beautiful beach we have in puerto escondido. You have to climb down some stairs to get there, but it´s worth it.

The water is crystal clear, perfect for snorkeling or diving. Here you can find the perfect waves for beginners or long boarders. Also paddle boarders are very happy at this beach


The best is to go in the early mornings to see the beautiful sunrise and an almost empty beach!

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