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la casa verde - the green house

This small and green beach house is located in the center of Mazunte, just 10 meters away from the beautiful Pacific Ocean.


This jewel of this beautiful 2nd floor bungalow is the luxurious terrace with beautiful ocean views. This apartment has a truly special feel to it; a specially designed bathroom, a comfortable kingsize bed and lots of elegant design features to make your stay in Mazunte feel truly special! One of the best features of this place is hearing the sound of the ocean as you drift off to sleep. 


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PUNTA cometa

At the western end of Playa Mazunte, at one of the southern most points of the coastline, a secluded crescent beach called Punta Comeda or,Cerro Sagrado, is formed. Punta Cometa is the most prominent and underrated mountains in Mexico. Its location means that, should you reach its summit, you are treated to a 360 degree panoramic view, where you can truly appreciate the majestic sunrises and sunsets of the Southern Pacific coastline. The migrations of whales during the months of December - March is a breathtaking experience to behold, atch these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat and gain some once-in-a-lifetime memories. Watch the migration of flocks of pelicans frolicking in capricious shapes in the sky. See the traffic of international shipping lanes from afar, transporting goods across our world. This is something of importance in Punta Cometa, as the bays touch international waters which means that the beaches of Mazunte are constantly recycled, meaning that these bays are never contaminated and help to preserve the natural beauty of a great variety of aquatic species.

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