Live the Bonobo Life with us


Bonobo is a FEELING.


You heard about those cute bonobo monkeys?

Those extra friendly animals that hug each other all day long and invite strangers to their community? 



We think bonobos are AMAZING and created a lifestyle that follows their behavior.

A lifestyle full of smiles, endless beaches, palm trees and coconuts, surf and long mojito nights.

A lifestyle that allows us to share with the whole world the same table and endless stories.


Bonobo is not one of those hostels where you just get a bed and a breakfast.

Bonobo is one of those hostels, where you end up being part of the family,

of an adventure, an experience. Those hostels that gonna stay warmly in your travel memories.


We wanted to create a space for people from all over the world, to get together and share unique moments. Bonobo Surf House is more than happy to create with you, some unforgettable moments!


Get to know the bonobo family in Puerto Escondido


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"It is important to get away from where you have grown up for some of your life. You need to grow on your own, without anyone there to tell you you're wrong or out of line being a certain way. The transition from high school to college is the gift of independence. You choose who you get to be without anyone holding your past against you. It's a do-over, a second chance after the mistakes and regrets you lived through in high school. Yet, being away from home has its drawbacks as you lose familiar faces, a steady schedule, and many creature comforts. But, all of these can be found in a new place with time. Leaving the place you grew up gives you another chance to grow again, without boundaries. Travel whenever you get an opportunity because it may not come again. Test your limits while living your actual dreams. Go out and explore the world — you're only here once and don't have time to take it for granted. Leaving everything you know sounds scary, but there are great memories to be made out there"


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Staying at bonobo is like traveling without moving. It´s like being home far away from home.


You meet people from all over the world, you share unique moments with strangers, you gonna feel more in family than ever.

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